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How long do your sessions last? ---That's such a personal question for me and I hate to sound vague, but we will all know when it's over. When your kids have had enough, when we lose the sunlight we once had, etc. It’s normally around an hour so plan accordingly but sometimes sessions are done as quickly as 30 minutes. For weddings, I prefer to be present from the beginning to the very end of the day. (That is all determined in the pricing of the wedding.)


Do you throw specials? —- Yes! Every quarter I throw mini sessions at specific locations at a discounted rate. These are great for the family shots for Holiday Cards. I normally limit the number of photos you expect, but you can always purchase more if you choose to. I also send out email blasts, so get on my list!


What do I wear? —- Be comfortable, first of all… If you’re not, it will show in the photos, trust me. I like when families choose a couple colors as a theme. If you’re too “Matchy-Matchy” it can honestly be more distracting. Pinterest is a GREAT resource to use. I encourage my clients to share Pinterest boards with me @KTNicholsphotos a week or so before the session.


How do I know you will photograph me at the right angle/position/etc. I hate my arms/butt/legs? —- I’ve been photographing for over 10 years. I love the human body and studied Life Drawing in college in addition to many other art forms. I can tell you this… Everyone has insecurities and those are heightened by having a camera in your face. I try as best I can to make photo sessions fun, for you and everyone involved. Most sessions I leave with my cheeks hurting from smiling so much. Relax, have fun, I promise it will show in the photos. Your happiness will overcome your insecurities.


My kids don't sit still, what should I do? --- Smile... Laugh... Let me photograph your kids NOT sitting still. Pick a location where they can run around, play and have fun. I'm perfectly okay with leaving a photo session sweaty. The more stressed you are, the more your kids will feed off of that. Have fun, bribery is good, Candy/snacks/ice cream/etc. Let me know ahead of time if you'd like me to mention the bribe. Kids almost always act better for strangers than their own parents. If you're having fun, they will too.


What is a good location for photos? —- This is really up to you. Hampton Roads has a lot of places to offer for good photo opportunities. The timing is more important than the location… See next answer!


What time can we photograph? —- The BEST times for photography are the “Golden hours” Which occur about 1.5 hours before sunrise/sunset. Since most people don’t want photos at sunrise, sunset is honestly the best time for a photo shoot. Unless you luck out and have a cloudy day… See next answer!


Should we check the weather? —- Yes, of course, it’s Hampton Roads where it can snow today and give you sunburn tomorrow! Cloudy Days are the best… I’ll repeat this… Cloudy Days are BEST! So many times I hear people say “What a beautiful sunny day, such a great time for photos.” Well, yes, if you want to wear sunglasses in your photos, I’m all for it… Granted, I will photograph in any weather, but if you’re looking for ideal timing, overcast days are your friend.


I booked my session, now what? —- Pick out your clothes, put a smile on your face, HAVE FUN!!! You will probably leave your photo session feeling like you had a workout. I like to walk all over the locations I choose and give you the best experience.